Clark Seymour (Riot 93s) with the

HCB Foxes (Austria League)







Facility Main Complex

Richcraft Sensplex East

813 Shefford Rd, Ottawa, ON K1J 8H9
(613) 599-0363

Elite AAA Division Elite AAA (New Division 2018)

 The Super AAA Division will consist of Elite, D1 and Strong to Mid D2
Le Division Super AAA consistera en Elite, D1 et D2 à la mi forte

O8E, O7E, O6E  



Zach Leslie (Riot 94s) plays with the Ontario Reign AHL (LA Kings)

Mike Eastwood (coach Riot O2s) played 13 seasons in the NHL. Eastwood most recently served as assistant coach of the Ottawa 67s of the Ontario Hockey League

​​May Madness 2018 : May 4 5 6 and May 11 12 13 2018 Richcraft

Revsports Office

66 Iber Rd Unit 101

Ottawa Ontario, K2E 1E8

Telephone : 819 665 3091

email :​​

Luke Richardson (coach Riot 96s and 93s Girls) played  21 seasons in the NHL. Richardson most recently served as head coach of the Binghamton Senators of the American Hockey League

Zach Leslie (Riot 94s) plays with

the Ontario Reign AHL (LA Kings)

Caractéristiques du tournoi

Round Robin Médaille du joueur de jeu pour chaque équipe
Trophée du championnat
Finales Champions Médailles d'or / Finalistes Médailles d'argent
Finale Joueur de match chaque équipe / forfait Sher-wood / médaille jdm
Garantie 4 matches
3 Douze périodes d'arrêt minute

Prix 2018 a announcé bien tot
Prix 2017
Prix $ 1,225.00 TVH incluse 4 laissez-passer entraîneur, gérante….
500,00 $ Grâce à Inscription solde dû 1er Avril
Price $1,245.00 TVH Incluse 5 laissez-passer entraîneur, gérante….
Price $1,265.00 TVH Incluse 6 laissez-passer entraîneur, gérante….
Price $1,285.00 TVH Incluse 7 laissez-passer entraîneur, gérante….
Price $1,305.00 TVH Incluse 8 laissez-passer entraîneur, gérante….

2018 Updated information now online​​

Sher-Wood May Madness​​

Alan Quine (Riot 93s) plays

with the New York Islanders



Nick Cousins (Riot 93s) plays

with the Philadelphia Flyers



Regular AAA Division régulier

 The Regular AAA division consists of weak D2 to weak D3
 La Division régulier consistera régulier AAA , fiable D2 et à fiable D3.

10R, O9R, O8R, O7R, O5R,




Top Five Largest Tournaments Spring or Winter in the Nation's Capital

Slater Koekkoek (Riot 94s) plays

with the Tampa Bay Lightning .



Scott Harrington (Riot 93s) plays

with the Columbus Blue Jackets

Matthew Peca(Riot 93s) plays

with the Tampa Bay Lightning



May / Mai 11-12-13 2018

Age Groups

10S, 10R, O8E, O8S, O8R, O6E, O6S, O6R, O4

Tournament Features

Round Robin Player of game medal for each team
Take Home Championship Trophy
Finals Champions Gold Medals / Finalists Silver Medals
Finals Player of the game each team /  Sher-wood package /

POG Medal
4 Game Guarantee
3 Twelve minute stop time periods

2018 Fees to be announced
2017 Fees
Price $1,225.00 HST Included 4 Staff Pass
$500.00 Due at Registration balance due April 1st
Price $1,245.00 HST Included 5 Staff Pass
Price $1,265.00 HST Included 6 Staff Pass
Price $1,285.00 HST Included 7 Staff Pass
Price $1,305.00 HST Included 8 Staff Pass

​​​2017 Sher-Wood May Madness Information

Cody Ceci (Riot 93s) plays

with the Ottawa Senators.



May / Mai 4-5-6 2018

Age Groups

11, O9S, O9R, O7E, O7S, O7R, O5S,O5R

One Division Seule

 There will be one division for Age Groups
Il y aura une division pour les groupes d'âge 
11, 10, O4

 For 2018 we will have two to three divisions for each age group. We will need a minimum of 5 teams per division in order to have a division otherwise we combine two divisions into one.

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Super AAA Division Super (New Division 2018)

The Super Division will consist of Strong D2 and to strong D3.
La Division Super AAA consistera  fort D2 et à fort D3.

10S ,O9S, O8S, O7S, O6S O5S